Privacy Policy for Podcast Listeners

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Omny Studio takes data protection and privacy responsibilities seriously. It is important that you know that we not only care about the companies who choose us to distribute their podcasts (publishers), but also about their listeners. If you are curious to find out what happens with your data when you listen to a podcast distributed by Omny Studio, please check out our summary below. If you still have questions and want to learn more about our privacy practices, check out our full Privacy Policy, which applies to everyone visiting our websites and/or using the Omny Studio services.

Full Disclosure.

When you listen to a podcast hosted with Omny Studio, whether you’re using an app (such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.) or listening from a website, we receive the indirect identifiers from the table below.

User agent This allows us to find out the name of the app you’re using (if you’re using an app) and the type of device you’re connecting with.
Referral address This allows us to find out the name of the website you visited to listen to the podcast.
IP address This allows us to find out your approximate location as well as the name of your ISP or mobile provider. To be clear, with an IP address, we can’t work out your name or address. IP addresses often change and can be shared by more than one person. For example, you will share the same IP address as everyone in your place of work or school.
Information regarding the file you downloaded This allows us to find out what you downloaded, when (date and time) and whether you downloaded it in its totality or just a snippet.

What We (and Others) Do With This Data

We use the above-mentioned data for our own internal analysis purposes, to provide our services and to help our publishers better understand how you listen to their podcasts.

Except as instructed by the publishers (data controllers), we do not provide any of the raw data that we receive to third parties. Rather, we provide them with aggregated reports, which include the total numbers of downloads, information regarding the geo-location of their listeners and the devices they use. Also, we do not combine the data that we receive with any other data source aside from using a geo-database to turn your IP address into an estimated location, as well as comparing your IP address with a blocklist to ensure that you’re not an automated download from a server that we should disregard when it comes to analytics.

Additionally, publishers may choose to activate functionalities within our services that require us to integrate with third party technology platforms who may also have access to the above-mentioned data for analytics, marketing and/or advertising purposes (e.g. third-party ad servers). Publishers may also choose to utilize a third party “prefix” or “prepend” service to their podcast downloads, which will redirect your download to a third-party technology platform who may also have access to the above-mentioned data. Please know that we do not control these third-party services and are not responsible for their privacy practices, which may use your information for other purposes than the ones stated above.

We Obey The Law

We may also share your data to third parties as necessary to comply with applicable laws or to protect the security of Omny Studio, its corporate parents, affiliates and subsidiaries, our website and/or the Omny Studio Services.

We only process data as necessary to provide the services to our publisher clients and keep it only for as long as necessary to provide the services. Furthermore, we follow industry standard security practices.

If you listen to a podcast through an app or a third-party website, your data may also be collected by that app or website, and you should check the privacy policy of the podcast app/website that you use.

If you have any questions regarding the above, we’d love to help. Contact us today at