World leading on-demand audio analytics

Answers to who, what, when, where, how

Near real-time updates

Don’t wait days to see results - see the downloads as they happen. Our analytics are generated up to the minute.

Compare and contrast

Analyze your reports with flexible date ranges. Group your results by day, week, month or see stats for all time.

Export and explore

Download reports in Excel-compatible CSV format or export all individual download events to your own cloud storage system, to gather and build additional insights.

IAB Certified reporting

Sophisticated heuristics and algorithms filter out erroneous downloads from bots and malformed apps to give you industry accepted and trusted analytics.

Download and podcast metrics


See your downloads over time for a single episode, a playlist, a show or even your entire company. Estimate your reach from unique listeners.

Player source

Get an unparalleled insight into how your audience listens to your audio - through RSS feeds, embedded players, social media or web players.


Review a map of where your listeners are across the globe. View a breakdown by country and drill down into cities.

Device type

Find out if your listeners are accessing your content on desktop, mobile or smart speakers.


Identify which podcast apps your listeners are using. Omny Studio tracks the most popular mobile and desktop podcast apps.


Break down the different mobile and computing devices your audience is using to listen to audio.

Compare clip downloads

An easy-to-read graph of any clips (up to 20), allowing comparison of download performance over time since publishing.

Shared listeners

This tool allows you to compare listeners across two or more programs (or networks) to find the number of unique and shared listeners.

See how many people are listening at each second

Listener drop off

Learn where listeners tune-out and stop listening. Gain insight into your content’s performance and improve your engagement.

Audience retention

See how many people are listening to different parts of your podcast. Find out which parts of the clip your listeners enjoy the most.

Time spent listening

Discover how long listeners spend with each piece of audio. Measure how engaged your listeners at an aggregated program, network or organization level.

Consumption analytics available for plays on

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Embed player
Mobile apps

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