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Podcast feeds for all your fans

Fully compatible with popular apps and devices

Ensure your podcasts can be enjoyed on any app or service. Our RSS feeds are compatible with the most popular podcast directories and apps, including Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Overcast, TuneIn and more.

Extended metadata and customizations

Take advantage of rich podcast metadata including formatted descriptions, content ratings, publishers, manual ordering, language, custom page sizes, custom episode links and enclosure URL prefixes.

Cross-program playlisting

Combine content from multiple "shared" playlists from different programs in order to create a combined 'best of' network RSS feed.

Easily integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Publish your podcast to Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers in simple steps, using our compatible RSS feed.

Syndicate your podcasts

Submit a new podcast to all major podcast directories with just a few clicks - Apple, Spotify, Google, as well as Deezer and Audacy.

Flexible and beautiful embeds

Multiple styles and colors

Choose from four templates, customizable buttons and functionality as well as your choice of text, background and button colors to match your brand.

Automatic translation

To accommodate a global audience, embed players are available in 12 languages and adapt to the listener's browser settings, including right-to-left writing systems.

Mobile friendly

Our embeds are compatible with all modern mobile operating systems - some can even resize to automatically accommodate smaller screens.

Bring your audio to life with video

Powerful video editor

Harness the power of Headliner’s social video creation tool to create an engaging highlight video or convert your whole episode into a video. Add relevant custom images, GIFs and video content from multiple stock libraries to make your video pop.

Automatic video captions

Add stylized captions to your video to your videos to allow more viewers to enjoy your content—even when the sound is turned off.

Optimized for social sharing

Choose from one of three size templates or create multiple videos for the same piece of audio to distribute on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Instagram, Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

Omny.fm web players

Show page & web player

Share episodes, playlists and even entire shows using our native omny.fm web player. It's optimized for simple desktop and mobile listening.

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X (formerly Twitter) card

Our omny.fm links are optimized for X (formerly Twitter), with a native audio card player that can be played in-line for desktop users.

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Facebook Open Graph

Harness the power of Facebook to build up your listeners, by easily sharing episodes with your own engaging artwork.

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Advanced publishing options for your podcast episodes

Inbuilt transcription

Generate machine or human transcripts for your episodes quickly and accurately. Edit and export transcripts into WebVTT & SRT formats.

APIs for custom players

Use the flexibility of our APIs to feed your content into your own custom audio players or apps.

Secure distribution

Access powerful tools for delivering content to specific audiences and manage exclusive content simply. Learn more.

Scheduled publishing

Stay organized by scheduling your podcast episodes to automatically go live or be removed at a later time and date.

Flexible feeds

Offer an ad-free feed or curated selections of episodes, able to be arranged with automated rules across shows.

Geo-block content

For each podcast series, publishers can block or allow podcast downloads based on where the listener is located.

Analyze and monetize your podcast

Take your on-demand audio to the next level