Secure podcast distribution

All of the tools you need for exclusive content management

Safe and secure

Randomized tokens, signing keys and cryptographic hashing ensure that only authorized members can access their private audio content.

Stay in full control

Member keys and programmatic signing keys can be revoked or reset so all previously shared secure URLs with access tokens become invalid.

Advanced API

Integrate with your existing membership database by programmatically generating new members with Omny Studio’s management API.

Flexible options to match your strategy

Windowing access

Reward members with early access to new episodes.

Ad-free access

Entice listeners to become paying subscribers with no ads.

Members only

For your members' ears-only? Keep it locked down.

Bonus content

More episodes of the shows they love.

Making security convenient

Scheduled publishing

Release members only content ahead of public release, and schedule episodes to go public at the day and time of your choosing.

Secure access tokens

Restricted RSS feed, embed and MP3 download URLs are cryptographically hashed and unique, as well as being easy to create, revoke, and reset.

Lockable embed players

Restricted content extends to your embed players. If you have an Omny embed player on your site, you can seamlessly add premium or restricted episodes to the player that the audience of your choosing can easily access and enjoy.

Compatible with popular podcast apps

Subscribing to your premium feed can be even easier than your public feed. Simply email your audience a link to a page that contains one-click subscribe buttons for supported podcast apps.

Analyze and monetize your podcast

Take your on-demand audio to the next level